High Maintenance LA

High Maintenance LA was designed for the confident person who demands perfection. The kind of person who realizes that confidence in your life makes you an overall better person and gives you a higher self-esteem. We help boost confidence through our high-end fashion garments, positivity, and avant-garde designs. One of our goals is to help you define your style as you create a narrative of self-expression. Our brand was born to express the creative spirit of people who live in Los Angeles, CA. It is a place that embraces individuality and has become a social melting pot of ideas. Our goal is to provide clothing that helps you let your inner artist shine while embracing our unique trends. We focus on contemporary, timeless, and luxurious art pieces. We’re changing the way you think about clothes, one piece at a time. Each design is inspired by the lifestyle of Los Angeles, where art and culture go hand in hand with fashion and pop culture. After spending countless hours on all aspects of the industry, High Maintenance LA will exceed your expectations in all ways.

Let us help you feel comfortable with your high maintenance self. You are, in fact, worth it!